Technical Revision – Driving in Colombia 5

Technical Revision
Technical Revision – Driving in Colombia 5
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Article 202 of Decree 19 of 2012 states that in Colombia, once your vehicle reaches 6 years old (dated according to its matricula/registration), you must take it yearly for a technical revision. There are locations designated by the government as official sites to have the tests completed. If your vehicle does not pass all of the tests, you are given 15 calendar days in which to  repair the deficiencies. This might turn out to be 14 days if the 15th day falls on a Sunday.

The tests according to article 201 of the same decree are to verify :

1) the condition of the body of the car
2) emission levels and contaminants according to the current legislation
3) proper functioning of the mechanical system
4) proper functioning of the electrical system and lights
5) elements of security – seat belts, air bags
6) condition and operation of the brakes
7) state of your tires
8) condition of the emergency item. Road Kit – see below.

Without proof of this annual revision in your car, if you are stopped in a police check, your vehicle can be impounded. You will incur fines, charges for the towing, parking, examination and repairs. The basic cost test is around 110.000 COP depending on the provider, so it is much cheaper to keep this up to date.

Additionally in your vehicle at all times you must carry a road kit. This is law. The kit must have tire blocks, emergency  to place on the road, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher with an up to date charge. Basically every year you will have to recharge the extinguisher. The expiry date will be stamped on the side.

Keep in mind these are the yearly obligations for your vehicle :

SOAT – obligatory insurance
Semiforizacion – road tax
Personal vehicle insurance
Vehicle tax due in July – depends on the make, model and year
Technical revision – if your vehicle is over 6 years old
Fire Extinguisher recharge

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