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Real Estate Closing Colombia

Real Estate Closings in Colombia

WHEN YOU SELL YOUR PROPERTY, DO NOT FORGET… Usually people do not realize that when they sell their property their role is not limited to receiving their payment, delivering the property and signing the deed. Although the major risk in a real estate transaction is carried by the buyer, there are several aspects that the seller should take into consideration to avoid unexpected and undesirable situ... »

Jardines Envigado 1

Jardines Envigado

Jardines – A place to watch Sometimes one hates to give up secrets. Living in the Colombian community you often traverse paths that are not typically seen by most foreigners but the time has come and the word is out. Jardines, Envigado is a place to watch. Envigado is the municipality that is immediately south of El Poblado (Medellin).  As this is a continuous urbanization one does not notic... »

Colombia Real Estate

Colombia Real Estate 2014

To buy or not to buy – Colombia Real Estate 2014 Now, more than ever is a good time to considering buying into the Colombian marketplace. The Colombian economy grew 5.1 percent in compared to the same quarter of 2012 while inflation was held at a rate below 3% for 2013. The National Administrative Department of Statistics – el Dane – reported a 9.6% rise in the production of ceme... »

debt crisis effect

How will the debt crisis affect Colombia ?

What are you waiting for ?      There is an old saying that only two things in life are certain, death and taxes. Actually that wasn’t always the case as my grandfather told me that the income tax in Canada was imposed during WWI to assist the war effort and the government promised that the tax was only to be temporary. Almost one hundred years later, that has to be the greatest lie perpetua... »

Real Estate in Colombia

Real Estate in Colombia

  Unlike some Latin American countries, foreigners can own real estate in Colombia.  Anyone coming to this country can purchase property and register it with their passport. There is no need to worry about this type of transaction as Colombia stands out among all of the Latin American countries with the best records for protection of foreign investments.   The internet is rife with stori... »


Fincas – In Search of Paradise

Dotted across the countryside throughout Colombia, are literally thousands of small parcels of land with country homes. These are commonly called fincas. These can range from the typical colonial style country dwelling to fabulous mansions and everything in between. The Colombian culture, while it may be focused in the city throughout the week, escapes to the refuge of the country for weekends, ho... »

Living in Colomiba

Living in Colombia

Deciding to move to a foreign land takes a certain mixture of courage and adventure, whatever your motivation is to  leave your native land.  Most of us don’t take this step lightly and it is a personal move that should require you to do a great deal of due diligence. We at Escape Artist Colombia, encourage you to consider living in Colombia and making it your new home but you must also read... »

Renting in Colombia – Lodging

Renting in Colombia – Lodging

Renting in Colombia may be one of the challenges a foreigner may face, at least a long term rental of a home or apartment. If you are coming to work with an established company, that business may be able to assist you but otherwise be prepared for a flurry of paperwork. As a newcomer, with no rental or credit history, very likely you will be asked for two co-signors on your lease. You may also be ... »