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Santa Fe de Antioquia 1

Santa Fe de Antioquia

On the Road to Santa Fe de Antioquia Many people come to Colombia in search of the Colonial architecture of Spain.  Approximately 80 kms. to the north of Medellin, you will find the charming but bustling city of Santa Fe de Antioquia. The city was founded in 1541 by Field Marshall Jorge Robledo with the name – The City of Antioch – La Ciudad de Antioquia.  On a later trip he establishe... »

What to do in Bogota 2

What to do in Bogota.

On the Road to Bogota            On April 6, 1536 the Spanish conqueror Jimenez de Quesada, left Santa Marta  with 500 soldiers heading inland in hopes of finding a route to the south seas…. and of course El Dorado.  Two years later they reached the current site of Bogota with only 70 soldiers remaining after conquering (= slashing, burning and robbing) various native groups along their rout... »

On the Road to El Retiro

El Retiro Antioquia

On the Road to El Retiro – The Cradle of Freedom            One of the nicest drives you can make from Medellin is only 35 minutes in length. A trip to El Retiro Antioquia takes you along the winding Las Palmas highway as it snakes through the beautiful green hillsides outside Medellin.  This is wood working country.  Lined up along the banks of the road, perfectly poised to catch the warm r... »

The Archipelago of San Andres

The Archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina

On the Road to San Andres.             Pirates !  Somehow the scourge of the seven seas – thieves, robbers, murderers, and the like have been immortalized and romanticized ad infinitum.  My education taught us of  Sir Francis Drake, the famous English explorer and yet he is known as El Draque to the Spanish.  Supposedly the Spanish Crown had a reward of about $6.5 million (by today’s s... »

Manzanilo del Mar

Manzanillo del Mar

On the Road to Manzanillo del Mar. In the mid 1950´s, a group of 11 or 12 Afro Colombians purchased a small plot of land, not far from Cartagena de Indias but isolated enough that they and their extended families lived a peaceful existence relatively separated from the rest of the world.  Tucked away on a spit of land with the old city in view on a clear day, the days, months and years passed with... »

Santa Marta

Santa Marta

On the Road to Santa Marta. Having lived the ”colonial life” for two years in Cartagena, I was uncertain what to expect from her ”older sister” Santa Marta. While the Spanish  had made other attempts at establishing settlements along the Caribbean coast, Santa Marta is considered the oldest city in Colombia and the second oldest in South America. Founded on the 29th of July... »