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minimum wage in Colombia

Minimum Wage in Colombia 2014

Every year the minimum wage in Colombia is increased and every year the amount is contested by the Colombian labour leaders. This year they were seeking an 8 % increase. Instead they received 4.5 % Here are the stats for the past few years. 2006: 408.000 COP – an increase of 6.90 % 2007: 433.700 COP – an increase of 6.30 % 2008: 461.500 COP – an increase of 6.40 % 2009: 496.900 C... »

Working in Colombia

Working in Colombia

If you intend to be working in Colombia you must have a work visa to do so. There is no law which prevents the recruitment of foreign workers but the employer must ensure that the employee has the proper visa or permit. Far too often individuals find themselves in Migracion Colombia facing stiff fines because they or their employer did not properly understand the visa process. The initial work vis... »