El Retiro

On the Road to El Retiro

El Retiro Antioquia

On the Road to El Retiro – The Cradle of Freedom            One of the nicest drives you can make from Medellin is only 35 minutes in length. A trip to El Retiro Antioquia takes you along the winding Las Palmas highway as it snakes through the beautiful green hillsides outside Medellin.  This is wood working country.  Lined up along the banks of the road, perfectly poised to catch the warm r... »

El Retiro

El Retiro – A Place to Live, Work, and Play

A Place to Live, Work, and Play by Greg Farrell         For the past 10 years, we’ve been looking in Europe, Central, and South America for that ideal retirement community.  At first we bought new construction properties in France, thinking the quality of life with food, wine, entertainment, and the arts would be what we wanted.  What we learned during the first five years was that the cost outwei... »