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Daytrippin Colombia 2

Day Trippin’ – Sites to See in Colombia

Some of the Sites to See – Colombia Day Trippin’ Here are some suggestions of day or short trips that you can plan from major city centres while visiting Colombia. From Bogota : Bojaca – Chivo Negro – precolombian rock pictograms in ocre Guasca – La Capilla de Siecha – considered a National Monument La Calera – really part of North Bogota Nemocon – a... »

Daytrippin Colombia

Daytrippin’ Colombia Style

To Bus or not to Bus – That is the Colombia question Not so long ago,  a colleague and I needed to travel from Medellin to Manizales. We set out at noon and I assumed it would be an easy trip. After all, it is only 150 kms. from south Medellin. With a North American mindset, I calculated 1 1/2 hours and doubled it, assuming that the traffic in Colombia would not flow as quickly as I would ho... »