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The easiest way to get a Colombian Visa ?

The easiest way to get a Colombian Visa ?

by David Steckenreiter and Rich Holman Any visa application takes time and preparation. The least expensive Colombian visa in the terms of an investment would be a student visa (qualified that you have to pay your tuition and be prepared to study), a spousal visa or a pensioner’s visa if you can show a guaranteed income of 3 x the current Colombian minimum wage (at the time of this writing &... »

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Investment Visa

Advertorial     We are often asked what is the easiest resident visa to obtain for Colombia ? This of course depends upon an individual’s personal situation. Are you on a pension ? Are you a  student ? Do you want a Colombian wife ? All of these options have requirements, technicalities and obligations that one must fulfill. From the outside this may appear a bit complicated but with some pr... »