Oceanfront Condos in Ecuador ??

EscapeArtist Special Opportunity Alert
Oceanfront Condos in Ecuador ??
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No – you are not lost, this article is about oceanfront condos in Ecuador.  Please read on !

Growing up in the Northern Climes in the Fifties, we had a standard quip about being taken advantage of  – somewhat like our discussion about papaya in Colombia -  http://colombia3.poiea.com/no-dar-papaya/   -  You know the idea, ”being lead down the garden path”. That quip was ”so you wanna buy some swampland in Florida ?”

This was of course because Florida had been rediscovered and all of us (at least our parents and grandparents), freezing our respective backsides off in the cold winters, were making a rush to buy property in Florida.  Now some 300,000,000 expats are looking to escape from America or some other ”civilized” land.

Colombia is an excellent option and we hope to present to you, our readers, excellent information with which to make informed decisions.  Some other internet publishers have been accused of a ”pump and dump” approach to selling property.  One of our readers described this to me as ”Paradise Found” in the advertisements but after you arrive all you discover is ”Paradise Lost”.

Our intent is to present to you opportunities to consider. The decision is yours and we suggest a boots on the ground informed opinion before you make any investment.  From time to time we may discuss interesting projects that may not be in Colombia.  While I may not be Kris Kringle in the ”Miracle of 34th Street” it is still worthy to share some alternative retirement possibilities with you.

One of these new developments is going into an private sales stage in Ecuador. My portal partner in Ecuador, Hector Quintana, has just posted an article that you can read by following the link below. Hector has had more than 28 years experience in International Real Estate and he is an informed  and professional broker.

Here is a bit of a teaser :

Nestled into Ecuador’s enticing Pacific coast, on one of the most desirable oceanfront strips, lies our newest EscapeArtist Ecuador Special Opportunity Alert. Near one of Ecuador’s premier resort communities, but a 10-15 minute drive away for added seclusion, serenity and inspiration, awaits a new enclave community, intended to inspire a sense of friendship, privilege and unfettered freedom. Purposely kept small, it is intended for the few, the vanguard and those looking for appeal, without sacrificing value.

What we are offering is a unique 21 unit condominium project, architecturally designed and built, by an experienced and successful project team, with a deep track record. The units consist of seven 3-story buildings, with condominium units facing the Pacific Ocean.

The prices average, plus or minus, 100,000 USD for the units depending on their size. For this investment you could get not only a very nice condo facing the Pacific ocean but this investment will qualify you for a resident visa.

If you would like more information about these oceanfront condos in Ecuador, please follow this link. If you register with Hector, please include a note that you heard about this on the Colombia EA site.



David is the Chief Editor and CEO for EscapeArtist Colombia.


  1. Waaaay toooooo much $$$$……………………….youre ruining it! The whole idea was bueno, bonito y barato, but people like you come along and corrupt the concept………………..yanqui go home!

    • Al,

      As moderator of the comments I can easily delete submissions like this however, yours requires a response.

      With a rather broad stroke of the brush you have swept us into a group of organizations who are often accused of ”pumping and dumping” projects to their own financial advantage when frankly you have no idea who we are.

      First of all EscapeArtist International, EscapeArtist Colombia and EscapeArtist Ecuador have no financial or family ties to the builder of this project.

      Secondly, the concept of bueno, bonito y barato is somewhat dated simply because places like Colombia and Ecuador are countries in development. Not only that, the middle class is growing and they are buying in as well. There is no doubt that you have faced dramatically increased prices in Panama but economic development simply drives prices up. If you want dirt cheap prices then maybe you should look up to coast to El Salvador or Guatemala.

      I just recently returned from the coast of Ecuador. The Correa government has invested millions of dollars in infrastructure simply because they want to develop tourism. The prices here are not dirt cheap and that is not due to any ”yanqui” or ”gringo” pricing. The Ecuadorians are still owners and drivers of the economy. Their government has laid in infrastructure that simply makes the coast far more accessible and desirable to their population.

      The condo developer for this project is a native Ecuadorean with much love for his homeland. Actually these are attractively priced condos relative to the market. That is why it is important to seek experienced local market professionals to provide accurate references and data. In a free and capitalist market, the prices paid are the prices supported by the local market.

      Hector Quintana is a 30 year veteran in the real estate business. He has worked 28 years in international real estate and has been doing business in Ecuador for 25 years. I doubt if you will find anymore more knowledgeable. If you would like further intelligent and informed debate on this subject, I will happily invite him into the conversation.

      BTW – I am neither a ”gringo” or a ”yanqui”

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