Medellin Real Estate Workshop

Medellin Real Estate workshop
Medellin Real Estate Workshop
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We have chatted about the importance of using a Real Estate Professional. Nowhere is it more important than in a foreign country especially if you do not speak the language, understand the culture or have a familiarity with the law. Colombia presents even more challenges as there is no national MLS system and the local systems are feeble at best. To address foreign buyers concerns and interest, Steckenreiter Serna and Associates is pleased to announce a very special and exclusive Medellin Real Estate Workshop. This workshop is open to 5 participants. It will include classroom time and study in the field.  The participants will be provided with practical hands on information that is needed to guide them to make a suitable investment within the Medellin marketplace. This will include legal, accounting and immigration facts regarding investment visas.

The workshop includes all materials, 3 days of lunches and coffee breaks, an additional half day private consultation in the field, all transportation during the workshop and a 30 minute basic consultation with our lead attorney, Doctora Sandra Maria Serna Toro.

If a participant initiates a successful offer/purchase during or immediately following the seminar, then we will credit $250.00 US towards the costs incurred on a purchase over 200.000.000 COP or $500.00 US on a purchase of over 400.000.000 COP.

The cost of this exclusive, in depth examination of the Medellin market is only $1,200. Due to the limited number of seats available there is no spousal discount offered or an early bird registration. You can register your interest by filling in the form below and we will notify you of our upcoming dates.




David is the Chief Editor and CEO for EscapeArtist Colombia.


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