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Jardines Envigado
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Jardines – A place to watch

Sometimes one hates to give up secrets. Living in the Colombian community you often traverse paths that are not typically seen by most foreigners but the time has come and the word is out. Jardines, Envigado is a place to watch.

Envigado is the municipality that is immediately south of El Poblado (Medellin).  As this is a continuous urbanization one does not notice the change from city to city. Once you cross the frontier – La Frontera – taxes become lower, public utilities cost less and the price of homes drops.

About  6 blocks from the ”border” lies a sector called Jardines.  It is conveniently located between Avenida Poblado and Avenida Las Vegas. Tucked away in these tree lined streets was once a well kept secret of local residents. You must realize many people, including the unseen expats do not like and do not want to frequent Parque Lleras. Lleras is a party spot and is loud and raucous. It serves its purpose as the Zona Rosa but beyond its restaurants it does not meet everyone’s needs, especially the local adults.

In 60′s terms, Jardines is ”cool”. It has a very European village type feel . At nights it is filled with local people, happy to dodge the Lleras crowd. A local Colombian summed it up this way,”near the Church of Saint Mark’s there is a place where almost half the world gathers.”

In this sector you might say that there are 3 blocks where you can savour the flavours of a wide range of international cuisine – Cuban, Spanish, Mexican, Creole, Peruvian and Colombian, just to name a few.

The story actually begins more than 30 years ago when Orlando Montes opened his restaurant on the corner of (Calle) 31st Street South. At this time it was called Asados La Parrila but thanks to its signature dish, el sudado con posta, lengua y oreja (stew with beef, tongue and ear), it was christened El Trifásico.

A few years ago, to one side of El Trifásico, a new restaurant opened, Maria Santo specializing in local cuisine such as ajiacos, fijoles and posta negra (chicken soup, beans and black topside beef)

Sixteen months later in between El Trifásico y María Santo arrived Lucio, Carbon y Vino. This is all that it took to get the ball rolling. Next in was Juana la Cubana and the rest is history. Almost anything your little taste buds desire can be found in Jardines and on weekends you can enjoy live music at Juana la Cubana.

The only challenge about Jardines is the lack of parking. Valet parking is available and there are some larger lots but taking a taxi might be a better way to go.  Tell your driver, Calle 30 Sur con Avenida Poblado en Envigado.

jardines 2Recently one block over from Jardines beside the Palogrande Restaurant, a great place to go if you have kids, another group of restaurants called Calle Jardin opened. If you want to take a flashback to the 50′s check out the burger ”joint” with the very ”groovy” seating.

So there you have it, the secret is out. The local chains are now starting to make their way to Jardines. Even the President of the Republic eats at El Trifásico. Watch this area as some very interesting things are about to happen and not just in the restaurant business !

So, now what shall I have for supper – parrilla (grill), comida típica antioqueña y típica regional colombiana (Antioquian or Colombian), Criolla (Creole), cubana (Cuban), mexicana (Mexican), Peruviana (Peruvian) ,hamburguesas gourmet (gourmet hamburgers and a huge variety of beer), pizzas en horno de leña (pizzas prepared in wood burning ovens) , pastas, paninis y deliciosos panes y postres (delicious breads and desserts).

David is the Chief Editor and CEO for EscapeArtist Colombia.


  1. Very nice article. I really enjoyed it. I can’t wait to have dinner there tomorrow evening.
    The write just made it a little more trendy.

    • Gracias ! Buen Provecho !!

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