Improvements to Cell Phone Service in Colombia

Cell phone service in Colombia
Improvements to Cell Phone Service in Colombia
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Compensation for bad cell phone service in Colombia

Are you tired of poor reception on your cell phone ? Do you have bad reception/voice quality ? Frustrated with the failed or dropped calls ?  Steps are being taken to improve the cell phone service in Colombia. Not only that but the cell phone companies have been given an incentive to improve the quality of their service.

Starting January 1, 2014, Resolution 4296 of 2013 from the CRC (la Comisión de Regulación de Comunicaciones – the Communications Regulation Commission) requires that telephone service providers compensate users for service failures.

By January 2015, all users should be compensated individually. In the meantime, operators who are not prepared will be using a formula based on an average of the total calls dropped divided by the number of active users and the average network usage.

Individual compensation will be determined by multiplying the total of dropped calls each user by the average network usage made ​​by users. The reimbursement will be made by a recharge airtime (minutes or seconds , depending on the operator billing ). In postpaid , the service provider must make compensation to users within the next billing period.  In Prepaid , the repayment must be made within thirty days . The users of both pre and post pay will be notified of their compensation via a text message sent by their cellphone provider.

Cell phone service in Colombia 2If you want to check the quality of your cell phone service there is now an application that will allow you to monitor this type of data. You can review the average numbers of call dropped (llamadas caidas), failed call attempts (llamadas fallidas) , the speed of your data coverage and the quality of competing mobile operators as well.  You can generate your own mobile coverage map and actually help your provider improve your service. The application is provided with data  supplied by and the information that you generate is reported back to your supplier.

Follow this link from the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications  (MinTic) to view this video (in Spanish)

The app is available for Blackberry, Android and iPhone at the following  links.

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