Welcome to EscapeArtist Colombia !

EscapeArtist Colombia Portal
Welcome to EscapeArtist Colombia !
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One of the most interesting features of Cartagena de Indias is the doorways to the large Colonial homes found in the old city. The word door truly does not define these magnificent, large entranceways. We must look to the Latin word “porta”, the root of the words import and important, for a more appropriate term. Beyond these portals lie luxurious oasis hidden away from the curious eye of local inhabitants or the passing tourists.

EscapeArtist, like a phoenix rising,  has spread its wings and begun to soar to new heights. Starting in 2013, EA has commenced an expansion meant to deliver  more current and more specific, country focused information. These country portals will be your ” eye in the sky” and ”boots on the ground” sources for details that you may be seeking in your quest for a new lifestyle.

Welcome to the EscapeArtist Colombia Portal ! Zeus EA Colombia

Colombia is a country of immense proportion and complexity. She is rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, secure and dangerous, all in the same breath. While  history is washed from many cities, Colombia is awash in history.  It lingers in the streets, along with the gods. I know their faces – Zeus, Poseidon, Hephaestus. I can lead you to their doorways.

Poets, Pirates, Agitators, Liberators, all have known her highways and byways. There is a fascinating story to be discovered at every curve in the road.

On every corner there is music.  There is dance. The rhythms of Africa blend with the native melodies. Listen …. can you hear it ?  There are songs in the street.

It has been said that the ”Only danger about Colombia is not wanting to leave”.

I and many other expats can attest to this !

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