Colombia – What to do ?

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Colombia – What to do ?
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Thinking of Living, Working, Playing or Retiring in Colombia ?

Colombia – what to do ? This is a common question posed to me by people thinking about living, working, playing or retiring in Colombia. Frankly, devoting yourself to knowing Cali, Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena could provide you a lifetime of exploration.

In our article ”Why Colombia” we suggested an additional 34 world class reasons, recognized by UNESCO – the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization They are all worthy of your consideration to visit.

Below are 16 more reasons why you should consider Colombia to live, work, play, invest and retire.

Colombia has a very unique culture and heritage. This is reflected by the variety of designations given to it through Unesco. The government of Colombia has also recognized the historic value of many of its communities and has taken steps to preserve them.

Forty-four municipalities within Colombia have been declared as cultural assets. In 2012, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, with the support of the Tourism Promotion Fund and the Ministry of Culture formed a network of heritage towns. The purpose of this endeavour is to promote and conserve Colombian cultural heritage – tangible and intangible, (practices, representations, expressions, knowledge and techniques handed down from generation to generation) . Through the promotion of these towns, the government hopes not only to preserve important historical and cultural treasures but also to create sustainable development, equity ownership and community participation in the development of the communities.

Initially 10 towns were chosen from the list of 44. It was felt that they had significant architectural , historical, environmental and identity features to make them desirable, cultural tourism destinations

There are now 16 municipalities making up this network of historical towns. They are : Aguadas, (Caldas); Barichara, (Santander); Ciénaga, (Magdalena); El Jardín, (Antioquia); Girón, (Santander); Guaduas, (Cundinamarca); Honda, (Tolima); La Playa de Belén, (Norte de Santander); Lorica, (Córdoba); Monguí (Boyacá); Mompox, (Bolívar); Salamina, (Caldas); Santa Fe de Antioquia, (Antioquia); Villa de Leyva (Boyacá), Jericó, (Antioquia) y Guadalajara de Buga, (Valle del Cauca).

If you follow this link it will take you to the website of the heritage towns. Unfortunately it is a bit incomplete but it does show 14 of the current 16 towns and if you click on the photos it will take you to a link showing some hotel options.

Below are videos of the original ten selections.




La Playa de Belen





Santa Fe de Antioquia

Villa de Leyva

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