Planning Your Trip

Santa Fe de Antioquia 1

Santa Fe de Antioquia

On the Road to Santa Fe de Antioquia Many people come to Colombia in search of the Colonial architecture of Spain.  Approximately 80 kms. to the north of Medellin, you will find the charming but bustling city of Santa Fe de Antioquia. The city was founded in 1541 by Field Marshall Jorge Robledo with the name – The City of Antioch – La Ciudad de Antioquia.  On a later trip he establishe... »

Daytrippin Colombia 2

Day Trippin’ – Sites to See in Colombia

Some of the Sites to See – Colombia Day Trippin’ Here are some suggestions of day or short trips that you can plan from major city centres while visiting Colombia. From Bogota : Bojaca – Chivo Negro – precolombian rock pictograms in ocre Guasca – La Capilla de Siecha – considered a National Monument La Calera – really part of North Bogota Nemocon – a... »

Daytrippin Colombia

Daytrippin’ Colombia Style

To Bus or not to Bus – That is the Colombia question Not so long ago,  a colleague and I needed to travel from Medellin to Manizales. We set out at noon and I assumed it would be an easy trip. After all, it is only 150 kms. from south Medellin. With a North American mindset, I calculated 1 1/2 hours and doubled it, assuming that the traffic in Colombia would not flow as quickly as I would ho... »


Santiago de Cali – Revisited

On the Road to Santiago de Cali         ”First Impressions die hard” is combination of two expressions but it would seem there is now some scientific evidence to back that up.  I lived in Santiago de Cali – or simply just Cali in late 2004 and early 2005. It was a time when there was at least 2000 murders per year which was somewhat mind boggling considering in a country like Can... »

Renting in Colombia – Lodging

Renting in Colombia – Lodging

Renting in Colombia may be one of the challenges a foreigner may face, at least a long term rental of a home or apartment. If you are coming to work with an established company, that business may be able to assist you but otherwise be prepared for a flurry of paperwork. As a newcomer, with no rental or credit history, very likely you will be asked for two co-signors on your lease. You may also be ... »

no dar papaya

No Dar Papaya !

Ways to Make Your Trip More Comfortable and Convenient – No Dar Papaya Generally Colombians are some of the friendliest people that you will meet. You may find some cultural differences on the coast or in Bogota but overall this is a very agreeable culture. Here it is important that you allow extra time to complete tasks that in other parts of the world may happen much more quickly. You will... »

local transportation options

Local Transportation Options in Colombia

The old Dionne Warwick song (Bacharach and David), ”Trains and Boats and Planes” doesn’t apply to Colombia. It might be better said, mules, horses, bicycles and motos ! These are indeed transportation options still used in Colombia. Most functioning locomotives that you will find here are in amusement parks or are used to haul ore, mainly coal. There is at least one exception. Th... »


The Hidden Treasures of Cartagena

The Hidden Treasures of Cartagena – An Excerpt Cartagena de Indias has lived and died a hundred deaths. Founded in 1533 by Pedro de Heredia, she has been pillaged and stripped bare by pirates, besieged by the English, scouraged by the Spanish, decimated by cholera, raped by her own administration and fallen into economic neglect. Yet, each time, like a phoenix, she rises from the ashes and s... »