Living in Colombia

Education in colombia

Education in Colombia

At the end of the 19th century, 90% of Colombia was illiterate. By the year 2000 this had dropped to just over 8%. Public education in Colombia is free and compulsory for the first 5 years. Most of the public schools are controlled by the Catholic Church and the constitution dictates that public education will not conflict with the doctrines of the church, hence religion courses are mandatory. The... »

moving to Colombia

Moving to Colombia

Once you have completed your real estate deal, you must begin to attend to other details to prepare your task of moving to Colombia. If at all possible, it is better that the seller leaves all of the utilities connected so that you can change them over at a later date once you are established in Colombia. For a foreigner, attempting to get services installed can be a long and frustrating task. The... »

Medellin Most Innovative City of the Year

Medellin is a winner !

In June of 2012, the Wall Street Journal along with Citibank began with a list of 200 cities complied by the Urban Land Institute. These cities were chosen on the basis of Culture and Livability, Economic/Investment climate, Education and Human Capital,  Mobility and Infrastructure, Progress and Potential, Places of Power, and Technology and Research. From the original 200, three were selected ... »

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