Moving and Getting Settled

Volkswagen Diaries 2

The Volkswagen Diaries

The Volkswagen Diaries – Part 2 Expat stories are a popular item. It is fascinating for the readers to see how or what it took for someone else to take the leap to live, work, play, invest or retire in a foreign land. Many people who are familiar with First American Realty in Medellin, know that they are the number one Expat Real Estate consultants in Colombia.  Rich Holman, the founder, has... »

Medellin, City of Eternal Spring

Medellin City of Eternal Spring

The Wanderings of the Lanes.  Transitioning from San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to Medellin, Colombia by Pat and Lynn Lane             While originally thinking we would retire in Florida in our quest to avoid cold weather, we came to Puerto Vallarta Mexico in 1992 simply by chance and really liked it. Both of us had done some work in Mexico and spoke limited Spanish so it was easy to get comfortab... »

Accomodations - Rental options in Colombia

Accomodations – A Brief Overview of Rental Options in Colombia

If you are interested in renting in Colombia, here are some tips for finding rental options during your vacation here. The first decisions that you will need to make when you are coming to Colombia are, in which city do you want to visit and how long do you plan to be stay? There  are four main city  tourist destinations in Colombia and they are dramatically different in every aspect. We will quic... »

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Importing personal goods

Importing Personal Goods

If you decide that you will be importing personal goods to Colombia be sure that you have a clear quote from your chosen shipper. Make certain that they are working with a reputable shipping and customs agency in this country. Compare your quotes and be sure you are not paying for the same service twice in Colombia. No matter what your shopper will say, do not give money for bribes at Colombian po... »

moving to Colombia

Moving to Colombia

Once you have completed your real estate deal, you must begin to attend to other details to prepare your task of moving to Colombia. If at all possible, it is better that the seller leaves all of the utilities connected so that you can change them over at a later date once you are established in Colombia. For a foreigner, attempting to get services installed can be a long and frustrating task. The... »