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Evaporating Panela

Panela – Part 2

Our initial article on panela was just a general prelude to the product and how it is produced. My first introduction to panela was as Aguapanela – a beverage, chilled and refreshing or hot with lemon for a cold or the flu. There was one use however that I was not expecting. One of our dogs had to have mammary surgery. She was a Terrier cross – ”Heinz 57” – a wiggly j... »

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Panela isĀ  a simply the juice squeezed from the sugar cane that is boiled, evaporated and formed into cakes for easy transportation and distribution. In Mexico it is called piloncillo, in Venezuela – papelon, in Brazil – rapadura and in the Andes – chancaca. Traditionally Colombia has been the principal producer of panela in the world and it is an important agricultural activity ... »

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

It is inconceivable to many people that Colombia is not a third world nation. The world media has tarred and feathered the image of an amazing country and a hardy, friendly race with 50 years of bad press. In fact, Colombia has an advanced medical system and is becoming highly respected as a destination for medical tourism. Just imagine, in 2012, 33,500 visitors entered the country for health tour... »

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Health care – Health insurance

SISBEN In Colombia there are three types of health care. The first does not apply to foreigners living or visiting the country. This system is called SISBEN and it is a free government subsidized package created for very poor Colombians. EPS The second line of health care is called EPS – Entidades Promotoras de Salud. The Superintendent of National Health decides which organizations may qual... »