Entry and Residency

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Investment Visa

Advertorial     We are often asked what is the easiest resident visa to obtain for Colombia ? This of course depends upon an individual’s personal situation. Are you on a pension ? Are you a  student ? Do you want a Colombian wife ? All of these options have requirements, technicalities and obligations that one must fulfill. From the outside this may appear a bit complicated but with some pr... »

Colombian Visa

Colombian Visas

As of July 2013, the Colombian Government released a new set of criteria for Colombian Visas. Below is a short summary of the visa names and types taken from the Ministry of Foreign Relations. There are now three categories: Business, Temporary and Resident. BUSINESS NE1 :  – for the purpose of undertaking commercial and entrepreneurial activities, promoting economic exchange, making investm... »

Visas and Residency

Visas and Residency

As with entry to any country, the immigration service has the final call as to who can and can not enter the country. For many years DAS was in charge of managing immigration in Colombia. Their forte was security and as a result perhaps they were a little forceful in the execution of their jobs. Recently DAS has been replaced by Migracion Colombia and although they have a friendlier face, they sti... »