Giving Back in Colombia

Developing Minds

The Developing Minds Foundation

The Developing Minds Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Miami, Florida that is sponsoring 7 programs throughout Colombia aimed at better the lives of many underprivileged children. “The mission of the Developing Minds Foundation is to transform people’s lives through education, especially those that are affected by the cycle of extreme poverty and violence.” In Cañas... »

El Batan, San Agustin

Foundation El Batan

Preserving history and cultural heritage Hacienda El Batan is a three hundred year old homestead in San Agustin, Colombia. It is a National Historic Landmark of Heritage Architecture located in the Northern Andes of South America. Finca El Batan is one of the oldest coffee farms in southern Colombia although it is better known for its museum and library. The main focus of the Fundacion El Batan ha... »

Color Run Colombia

The Color Run

The cheering started at about 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning just down the street from our home.  Plumes of green ”smoke” were rising into the air .  We had no idea what was happening.  Had the ”War of the Worlds” really begun ?  Were the Martians landing ? No,  the ”Color Run” had come to Medellin. Some people call the  ”Color Run™”, the ‘Happiest 5k on t... »

The art of silence

The art of silence

I know a mime who speaks volumes, but never says a word. For many years he graced the streets of Cartagena, plying his trade, the art of silence, hoping to earn a smile for his efforts. His labours were often unfruitful, at least from a monetary standpoint.  Yet what he did was a labour of love …. or perhaps it was love’s labour’s lost as he was unappreciated by some, a nuisance ... »

Cartagena International Music Festival

Cartagena International Music Festival

The old city of Cartagena is never more alive when music fills the streets. Set against the backdrop of spectacular colonial buildings, in the streets,  in its churches and the beautiful Adolfo Mejia Theatre,  the Cartagena International Music Festival fills these venues every January with 20,000 music enthusiasts in a  classical music event that involves the community, the public and private sect... »

Extranjeros en Servicio

Extranjeros en Servicio – Foreigners in Service

There is a need for your help in Colombia.   Even if we might be self made men or women, as foreigners  most of us come from much better personal circumstances than exist for many people in Colombia. This need has been recognized by John Lama who has created an organization called ”Extranjeros en Servicio” or ”Foreigners in Service”. ”Extranjeros en Servicio’ is... »

the inverse law of good intention

The Inverse Law of Good Intention

An important pillar of ESCAPE ARTIST COLOMBIA is the concept of Giving Back. In the article on Maureen Orth we have proposed the idea that one person, even you or I can make a difference  ( ‎) .  We encourage you to give at least your time and experience to some organized group seeking to improve the lives  or opportunities for the residents of this beautifu... »

Giving back Maureen Orth

Giving Back – The Influence of Maureen Orth

It is our goal at Escape Artist Colombia to not only promote the benefits and advantages of an expat lifestyle, but to also “give back” to the communities that we adopt. It has been said that there is no greater satisfaction than that of “giving back”, setting your own needs and desires aside to provide for those who are less fortunate than you. We often downplay and thereby ignore our ability as ... »